DME, RX, & Billing partners

We help both patients and practices to get the medical equipment they need and get it covered by their insurance provider including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, VA and most insurance providers.

Turnkey process for processing, fulfilling and billing all Durable Medical Equipment for Patients and Practices

Orthopedic Bracing

We offer braces of all shapes and sizes for every need. Head to Toe! Whether it's post surgery or a simple sprain. We support your recovery!

glucose Monitoring

We provide all types of glucose monitors, but specialize in Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) with our auto refill programs.

Women's Health

We help women and OBGYN's provide a one-stop solution for CGM, Pumps and Braces/Support. We make it easy.

CGM/Abbott/Dexcom - DVT/SCD Services - Ortho Bracing - All DME/Medical Supplies - Third Party Billing (RCM) - Pharmacy Services - Auto Refill CGM Program - FREE Shipping - Personalized Patient Care

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Our patient care coordinators contact each patient
and review all insurance coverage with them.

We Can Provide Custom Solutions for Doctors, Surgeons, Assissted Living, Pharmacies and More!

Our team of expert and experienced professionals can help identify and meet your DME, RX and Billing needs. And because we do it all in house, we can customize an approach that is best for your organization and your patients.

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